In addition to being an invaluable contributor to the sound of my music, Philippo Franchini is a deeply gifted artist and musician in his own right. He continues to record musically diverse and strikingly beautiful CDs including his new release Resonate: The Kirtan Call. Philippo, of course is a masterful guitar player, but can also find his way around pretty much any instrument. Because of his many talents and willingness to explore, Philippo’s solo endeavors employ vast musical textures, all of which maintain the imprint of his unique vision. This is especially true of his recent entree into kirtan on his new CD, Resonate. His musical gifts, coupled with his beautiful voice, and sweet expression of devotion make this an especially heart felt, and musically rich offering. Resonate is lush, organic, meditative, but also experimental, and psychedelic at times. Philippo’s gift for arrangement is particularly noticeable on Resonate, especially the lush vocal blends which interface beautifully with kirtan. Philippo is truly a visionary, who is not afraid of taking chances, and delving into deep layers of the heart through vast musical landscapes. All this makes Philippo a distinctive and influential voice in the genre of devotional chant music, and sacred song.