La Sirena releases on September 19!

About Philippo

Philippo and his wife, Daniela Riva, an expert in the Sacred Dance of India and master teacher of Yoga, love to travel and share their musical gifts. They live part-time in beautiful Santa Barbara, California and part-time Lucca, Italy, with many stops along the way they commute back and forth.

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Sound Connections

Words of Love

Soothing, Interesting…

I really like the diversity and Mediterranean strains that blend in with solid guitar music and other instruments. Soothing, interesting, falling into the best category of world/new age music.

Edie Bingham on Resonate

Melodic Poems…

Philippo’s lush, haunting, heart-opening soundscapes are melodic poems which leave me feeling touched by the Mother. He is a troubador for magic and grace.

Psalm Isadora on Magic & Grace

Truly Masterful Feel…

I have listened to this CD well over 300 times and I still can’t get enough. Truly masterful feel, touch and, subtle, selective arrangement. Paleo is an auditory elixir for the soul.

Mike Ackerman on Paleo

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Philippo Franchini Music | 2019