La Sirena

A rich pallet of musical flavors chronicling Philippo’s inner and outer journeys of traveling, performing, meditating, and loving.

Release date September 19! Learn more.

Magic and Grace

Music that reaches into the Heart and opens a portal to the sublime. Dreamy, sensual, and meditative. Composed for yoga, meditation, and healing modes by a yogi musician.

Resonate: The Kirtan Call

This is Philippo’s colorful and lovely sonic weaving of his blues/gospel roots, guitar finesse and many years of Kirtan mantra chanting. The Musical Alchemist!


Masterful Acoustic guitar based music, with Flamenco and Classical influences.

The Beloveds

The debut release from a band by the same name comprised of David Newman and Philippo Franchini. The Beloveds’ music is a standout and groundbreaking release in the unique and burgeoning genre of positive or inspirational rock.

Philippo Franchini Music | 2019