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An Invaluable Contributor

In addition to being an invaluable contributor to the sound of my music, Philippo Franchini is a deeply gifted artist and musician in his own right. He continues to record musically diverse and strikingly beautiful CDs including his new release Resonate: The Kirtan Call. Philippo, of course is a masterful guitar player, but can also find his way around pretty much any instrument. Because of his many talents and willingness to explore, Philippo's solo endeavors employ vast musical textures, all of which maintain the imprint of his unique vision. This is especially true of his recent entree into kirtan on his new CD, Resonate. His musical gifts, coupled with his beautiful voice, and sweet expression of devotion make this an especially heart felt, and musically rich offering. Resonate is lush, organic, meditative, but also experimental, and psychedelic at times. Philippo's gift for arrangement is particularly noticeable on Resonate, especially the lush vocal blends which interface beautifully with kirtan. Philippo is truly a visionary, who is not afraid of taking chances, and delving into deep layers of the heart through vast musical landscapes. All this makes Philippo a distinctive and influential voice in the genre of devotional chant music, and sacred song.

David Newman (Durga Das)

Soothing, Interesting...

I really like the diversity and mediterranean strains that blend in with solid guitar music and other instruments. Soothing, interesting, falling into best category of world/newage music.

Edie Bingham

Magic & Grace

Topnotch Serene Music

Philippo Franchini's CD, Magic and Grace, touched me upon first listen. What I felt through the music was pure and simple: love. The acoustic strings, spare vocal tracking (provided by Donna DeLory), and easy pulses made for a relaxing experience. This music is rooted in Philippo's study of Nada yoga, or the yoga of sound. Many of the melodies are quite simple and provoke deep reflection. I am really enjoying “Kama’s Spell,” which is written for the banjo. This combination mixes the American tradition we are now creating with the rooted mystical sounds of the East.

There is a classical feel to Magic and Grace. Philippo is active in LA’s yoga scene, performing with the improv tribal group, Shaman's Dream, touring with the couple David Newman (Durga Das) and Mira, as well as playing his own music. He’s also quite proficient in the studio, having produced Mira’s fabulous country-twinged Kirtan record, Living Prayer. Magic and Grace is topnotch serene music.

Debi Winston Buzil
Temple of Kriya Yoga and Yoga Chicago Magazine


I have been a fan of Philippo’s music since I first saw him play his guitar with David Newman. His CD with the band Blues Divine, Shine Like The Sun, has great songs and heart. I fell in love with it and later had Philippo on my radio show, In The Spirit, to talk about it. Recently, he was on again, and the focus was on his new CD, Magic and Grace. Unlike his previous CD, this one is all instrumental. “Heavenly” is the best word to describe it. The music soars and simmers, taking you on a journey to inner worlds you never knew existed. Taken together, these two CDs represent two journeys: Earth and Heaven. By listening to them both, you realize Heaven and Earth exist right here, where we are.

Gary Goldberg
In the Spirit, on WRPI 91.5 FM

A Rock and Roll Yogi...

I had the unique opportunity to interview Philippo Franchini. It was a great experience speaking with him, musician to musician, while at the same time learning about Nada Yoga. I got to “wear my morning mellow" while we chatted. He truly is a Rock and Roll Yogi!”

Dara Blaker
On Radio; Where Regular People Do Really Cool Things

From the Whispers of the Universe...

Philippo plays music from the whispers of the universe. He captivates you with his storytelling and then soothes you with the colors of his music. Shakespeare said, ‘If music be the food of life, play on.’ Play on, Philippo. Your music is not only the food, but the dessert as well. I love you and your music. Thanks for blessing me.

David Matthew Brown
Inside Out

Dive in, take the journey!

A sensual, evocative musical journey to awaken the vibrant shakti and wide open spaces of ‘Yes!’ within. For the last decade, I have had the honor of working with Philippo and watching his music make magic upon thousands of students, whether moving them to tears or moving them to their feet in ecstasy. His music heals, pure and simple. Dive in, take the journey!

Micheline Berry

Melodic Poems...

Philippo’s lush, haunting, heart-opening soundscapes are melodic poems which leave me feeling touched by the Mother. He is a troubador for magic and grace.

Psalm Isadora

Into The Heart...

Magic and Grace is truly the best way to describe the richly evocative mood on Philippo Franchini's debut meditative music release. This music reaches into the heart and transforms any moment into a space filled with deep rest and peace. It's as if each tone is calibrated to speak to the Soul, which makes this CD not only a delightfully satisfying musical experience, but a deeply healing one as well!

David Newman


Auditory Elixer For The Soul

When I listen to Philippo’s Paleo, I am taken to a place of rapture... a mystical world of passion and enchantment opens up an my soul is fed.

K.S. Walden

Truly Masterful Feel...

I have listened to this CD well over 300 times and I still can’t get enough. I do Frontiera 20 or 30 times in a row—I love the build. Truly masterful feel, touch and, subtle, selective arrangement. Paleo is an auditory elixer for the soul.

Mike Ackerman
Lovecraft Biofuels

A Hundred Times Is Not Enough...

I have listened to this CD at least 50 times and I love it every time. The tracks are different enough that you could be listening to three or four different, amazing artists. Good for entertaining, romantic evenings, or meditative moments.

Gabriella Cordova

Philippo Franchini Music | 2019