La Sirena

Liner Notes

All titles imagined, composed, and produced by Philippo Franchini. Inspired production and arrangement assistance by Dana Walden. This music was recorded in Los Angeles, Andalucia, Spain, Tuscany, Italy, and Santa Barbara, California. Recording engineers were Dana Walden, Philippo Franchini, and Steve Miles.

The album was mixed by Steve Miles, Dana Walden, and Philippo. Mastering was done masterfully by Dominic Camardella at Santa Barbara Sound Design. The beautiful original cover painting was done by Domonic Dean Breaux.

There are many people to thank who collaborated and gave of their great talents to this recording: I would particularly like to thank Steve Miles for his patience, encouragement, and meticulous mixing, which finally brought this project to fruition.

Another big thanks to my longtime friend and inspired multi-percussionist, Gary Kehoe, who has contributed mightily to every one of my albums over the years. His skill, humor, and seemingly effortless grooves are the backbone for many of my compositions.

And endless gratitude to my co-producer, Dana Walden, whose wisdom, kindness and musicality continue to amaze me! Much of the orchestration on this album is his influence, and he and his lovely wife, Kelly, were in Spain with me for a crucial part of the recording adventure. Each of the musicians here played so well and I send my deep gratitude to all of them. Part of the magic of music is the wonderful collaboration and friendships that develop through this mystical medium. Please click their names to learn more about them.


Jeffrey Andrews: Cajon and palmas and finger snaps

Ariadna (Sonidos del Universo): Vocals and ocean drum

Souhail Kaspar: Middle eastern percussion ( Tangos Arabe)

Gary Kehoe: Congas, bongos and assorted percussion

Don V. Lax: Violin

Jamie Papish: Additional mid-east percussion

Philip Parlapiano: Accordion and mandolin

Chris Tedesco: Trumpet and flugelhorn

Randy Tico: Upright bass

Dana Walden: Piano, additional woodwinds, strings, and brass

Chris Woods: Violin and viola

Philippo Franchini Music | 2019